Covid-19 guidance around our visit into your home

Linda Brainch
17 days agoSeptember 8, 2020
Nicely helpful
Jonathan Nimmo
16 days agoSeptember 8, 2020
This is an encouraging video, unfortunately it is not likely to happen this way, in reality.

I have an appointment booked for a new front door to be fitted and the job will take several hours. I live in a small studio flat and the work area is less than 1 meter from my bathroom & toilet door. It will be very difficult to keep away from the work area if I need to use my toilet.

I am over 60 years of age and have underlying health issues. I have contacted both Aster and the contractor to ask why they are not erecting of a temporary polythene barrier in the entrance hall.  I have had a negative response to my concerns.

For the past 5 months Aster have implemented a 24/7 fire warden patrol where we live. These wardens frequently breach the social distancing guidelines that Aster stated would be adhered to. Last week the fire alarm went off. The fire brigade arrived after 20 minutes, with the fire warden. Yet another example of a failed risk assessment and incompetence on the part of those who claim to "keep us safe".

(P.S. polythene barriers are cheap and easy to erect. We used them extensively, for decades, to control dust, produced by the work)
Terri Hills
15 days agoSeptember 10, 2020
I don't have confidence in Aster's COVID safety because in reality it would appear that contractors ignore this! We had a contractor today drop-by without an appointment, come into our house (we felt obliged to let him in) and he didn't wear a mask or seem to have any real awareness of safety issues. He then proceeded to measure-up the bathroom and even returned to do it again because he didn't have the details right! No PPE and we were frantically running around the house opening windows etc...and had to clean everywhere after he had left.
Not impressed with this at all.
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